Asthma and Hay Fever


We are noticing a number of patients with asthma and hay fever who are experiencing increased symptoms due to unsettled weather conditions.

At this time of the year, we are in peak hay fever season however, strong winds and thunderstorms are causing the pollen to break into smaller particles that are released and circulate in the air.

If you are suffering excessively with hay fever or your asthma cannot be controlled you should call for an appointment at the surgery.

However, it is vital that you are taking all your medication regularly and effectively.


Hay Fever

Please visit a pharmacist for initial advice. Antihistamine, nasal sprays and eye drops may be purchased from a pharmacist.

See the NHS website for advice regarding hay fever

Ensure that you are using your nasal spray correctly as incorrect use results in lower effectiveness.

See the video on How to use your nasal spray from Asthma + Lung UK website



Please ensure that you are using your inhalers and/or other medication regularly and as prescribed by your clinician.

If you have hay fever you may need to add an antihistamine and if you have concerns please contact the surgery.

Please see the websites below for further information:

Ensure that you are using your inhalers correctly – it is very easy to slip into bad habits so please watch the video below relevant to your inhaler type, just to ensure high effectiveness.

Learn how to use your inhaler from the Asthma + Lung UK website

Order your inhalers and medication before you run out and monitor the pollen levels. This can be found on weather reports. There are apps that can be uploaded to your phone regarding pollen counts that may be useful.

Published: Apr 16, 2024